Total Software Services and Software Support with Four Hound Solutions

Here at Four Hound Solutions, we offer a wide variety of services and support for your software development needs.

  • Complete Turnkey Solutions – When you work with us, you have the benefit of an expert engineering team to develop and deliver a complete turnkey system solution to meet your production needs. Our engineers work with you from beginning to end to provide functional test specifications for your Unit Under Test (UUT), and then develop detailed system design specifications—along with completely engineered and documented application programs, including test fixturing.
  • Complete Custom Solutions – Our detailed graphical user interfaces are intuitive and can be customized to integrate alongside your existing factory test systems. This helps to minimize operator training, improves report generation, and reduces the time it takes to develop new application test programs.
  • Test Optimization and Throughput – The speed at which a test set is executed is largely determined by the engineering of the test system software. Efficiency is engineered into every system we design, and this expertise is available to customers who require legacy test systems to be optimized.
  • Test Application Programs – Our engineers have written TPS’ for countless applications. To expedite the process of writing TPS’, we use a variety of productivity tools. Whether you choose to use these tools to write your own TPS’ or to have our engineers write them for you, we have the solution.