RFT101- Introduction to Radio Frequency Principles

RFT101: Introduction to Radio Frequency Principles for Engineers and Engineering Technicians 

Overview: This course is designed for engineers and technicians new to the field of RF. It enables them to quickly increase their understanding of RF terminology, components and test. The course material is designed to help explain RF technology in a clear and simplified manner without the need of complex mathematics.image1


  • Introduction to Radio Frequency
  • Acronyms and Terms
  • RF devices and their functions
  • Power Management
  • Gain/Loss Budgets
  • Propagation co-efficient
  • S-Parameters
  • Characteristic impedance
  • Phase velocity
  • Reflection coefficient
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratios (VSWR)
  • Transmission Line Theory
  • Types of transmission lines
  • RF Test methodologies
  • RF instrumentation

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to introduce the terminology, concepts, and techniques associated with testing and diagnosing RF circuits. The course begins by discussing RF components, moves to transmission line theory, and then concentrates on RF test and troubleshooting concepts. Lecture subjects include RF Terminology, RF Components, RF Device Models, Transmission Line Theory, S-Parameters, and of course RF Test Concepts and Test Hardware. Many digital and mixed signal engineers are now faced with the task of testing integrated RF circuits. This course is designed to jump-start the students understanding of RF terminology, components, test hardware, and test methodologies.image3

Who should attend: RF101 is intended for engineers, designers, and managers concerned with RF Test and Measurement issues.

Course Justification: This course is heavy on the technical side and examines applications for RF test and measurement techniques. RF Test has been an issue of concern for top management.  Anyone interested in RF and Microwave test will agree with many of our former students that this is the best course available on the subject of RF measurement and test.

Student Receives:

  • Hands-on RF Test Experience
  • Textbook
  • Bound Course Notes with detailed experimental procedures.
  • Softcopy of all course materials
  • Certificate of Completion

Dr David R. Carey

Dr David R. Carey

Instructor: Dr. David R. Carey is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre PA and founder/CEO of Four Hound Solutions LLC. Dr. Carey is an internationally recognized expert and contributor in the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) community. At Wilkes University, Dr. Carey teaches graduate and undergraduate courses that specifically address RF and Microwave theory as it applies to Automatic Test. Recently he held the position of Chief of the Automated Test Equipment Development and Support Branch at Tobyhanna Army Depot. Dr. Carey received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.

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