Full Service Test Engineering with Four Hound Solutions

Product test specifications, performance standards, and price are weighted differently for every new product line. At Four Hound Solutions, we’ve developed integrated test solutions for every phase of the product lifecycle. Your test engineering solutions needs are covered from design-for-test, engineering verification, and product qualification, through functional test and every phase in between. Some test engineering solutions have resulted in test systems that were heavily automated for high volume production, and others have been operator-intensive—thereby addressing project-specific scheduling and cost factors.

Our industry experience allows us to employ a comprehensive approach to test engineering. Our process is designed to simplify everything from start to finish by improving product quality, reducing work-in-progress, lowering costs, and increasing productivity. This results in faster delivery and reduced costs—for both you and your customers.

Test Development Services

  • System design
  • Complete turnkey custom systems
  • Custom hardware/software design and engineering
  • ITA design and fabrication
  • TPS application programming
  • Instrument drivers
  • On-site training/programming
  • Service maintenance contracts
  • Global support

The extensive background in test engineering solutions and development here at Four Hound Solutions for a wide variety of industries is an invaluable resource that can help lower the cost of test and reduce waste. Our team is dedicated to removing barriers and achieving high quality, on time delivery of your systems. A system of checks and balances is in place to ensure that the lines of communication are always open.

No matter the size of your operation, the engineers at Four Hound Solutions are poised and ready to help you with test engineering solutions. Your business and success directly correlates to our success—and you’ll receive the utmost level of expertise and commitment from our team. When you’re in the market for test engineering services, contact Four Hound Solutions for the hands-on, expert touch that your important project deserves.