Test Fixture Design

One of the most important components in test system development is the test fixture design. Four Hound Solutions’ expert engineering teams design with leading edge CAD development software, offering 2-D, 3-D, IGES, DWG, and DXF formats. Our team has the manufacturing knowledge and experience to create sophisticated UUT fixturing across multiple technologies including fiber optics, laser, RF, opto-mechanical, precision positioning, motion and vibration control, pick and place robots, and vision systems. When you partner with Four Hound Solutions early in your product development cycle, critical issues like how the product will be tested during production will be determined, resolved, and built into your test solution. Our fixture design takes into account all relevant factors including cost, targeted volume production rates, electrical interfaces, optical interfaces, thermal analysis, RF performance, operator interaction, reliability and repeatability of connections, and more. Should your volumes increase, all of your test fixture’s engineering design has been fully documented and is completely reproducible. Our team will work with your application engineers to develop and design new fixtures and assist you in conceptualizing the best solution for your unique operation.

  • Automatic/Semi-Automatic
  • Complex fixture designs of over 100 RF Paths
  • Frequency Independent design      (DC to <60GHz)
  • Vision Position Systems
  • PCB Design
    • Simple/Complex RF Fixturing
    • High Speed Digital (10Gb/s)
    • Level Conversion
  • Vision Systems
  • Temperature Control
  • E-O & O-E
  • High Stability, Repeatability
  • Maintainable Designs
  • Easily Repairable
  • Complete Drawing Package
  • Complete Calibration Software Program

Picture2 Picture1 RFModule_Fixture