Four Hound Solutions personnel have been designing, developing and supporting Automated Test Solutions since 1983. Our design architecture maximizes the use of commercially available equipment and allows for test system expansion as requirements dictate.

This philosophy is reflected in the design of all of our Test Solutions. The use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, both hardware and software, is desirable to all industries. Custom instrumentation and software, designed by Four Hound Solutions, is only included in our systems when requirements dictate – after the use of commercial products has proven unfeasible. Four Hound Solutions personnel have used virtually every manufacturer of instrumentation in the industry. It gives us the knowledge, expertise and flexibility that are of immense importance to our customers who are faced with rapid development cycles.

Four Hound Solutions takes into consideration the ability to meet future testing requirements as product technology evolves. Enhancements can be added later to provide for next generation products. Because of strict use of industry standards, there are no Four Hound Solutions proprietary items in the overall system design. This will allow flexibility for updates, new designs and major modifications to accommodate current and future requirements.

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